At House of Sun, we are happy to advise you on how to sell your home for the best price, as quickly as possible and without hassle.

How do we proceed?

First of all, the correct valuation of the house is important. Determining factors are, for example: the location of the property, state of repair, proximity to amenities, size, location, etc. Of course, we also look at the market price of other comparable properties.

We also make sure that all necessary papers and certificates required to sell the property are in order or are in order.

We create a profile of the potential buyer and tailor our marketing strategy accordingly. For example, it makes no sense to target young families with children if you have a one-bedroom flat for sale. We target the right audience. We make good use of social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Of course, we place an advertisement of the property on the usual portals for this, such as Idealista, Kyero and Fotocasa, among others. Other advertising options are determined by mutual agreement.


Another very important factor in attracting potential buyers is the presentation of the property. For all information on this subject, I would like to refer you to the page homestaging or in dutch ‘verkoopstyling’.


If you want to sell a house on the Costa Blanca and you are looking for an estate agent who offers you confidence and professionalism, contact us for an informal talk. We do not commit you to anything.

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